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Residential Pest Management

Experience Our Residential Pest Protection Program

Your home is your sanctuary, and any invasion, whether by tiny ants or sneaky rodents, can be

distressing. With our pest control services, we make sure your home stays yours, ensuring pests remain a thing of the past. Whether it’s inside or outside your home, our comprehensive program covers all the bases to help prevent future issues, you just simply don’t have the time or energy to deal with.


Since 1967, our customers have chosen the peace of mind that comes with a local expert pest control company. At California American Exterminator, we understand the unique pest challenges in our region, from seasonal infestations to local pests, including the bed bugs that may return home with you from recent vacations. 



Services We Offer

General Pest Control: From ants to spiders, bed bugs and mosquitos and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Rodent Control: Say goodbye to mice and rats and the damage they bring.

Seasonal Pest Control: Be it summer ants or winter rodents, we’re prepared for every season’s challenges.


With years of experience under our belts and fully CA State Licensed, our technicians can identify, treat,and help prevent pest infestations with care and expertise tailored to the specific needs of our local Bay Area neighborhoods. Trust a local expert who knows the ins and outs of your area, ensuring a quicker response time and more effective, long-lasting pest control services. With us, you're not just another client, you're a valued neighbor, and your satisfaction is our top priority.



Our Residential Pest Protection Program Includes The Following:


  • INSPECT to pinpoint pest issues

  • IDENTIFY not only the pest, but the actual cause of the problem

  • TREAT in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues

  • INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT: We’re dedicated to using the most environmentally responsible methods and best practices to avoid future recurrence

Interested in our Exterior Services?

Get in touch to schedule a service appointment, or to speak with one of our

Pest Control Specialists about our exterior services.

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