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We are experienced in creating custom pest control solutions for every type of facility.

Our highly trained employees are ready to create a unique program tailored to your needs.

California American Exterminator offers an extensive variety of pest control services and we are constantly striving to improve our services by utilizing the latest technologies available. We use a wide variety of products to control insects and rodents including baits, growth regulators, residual products, traps, organic and botanical pest control products.

Facilities That We Specialize In Servicing

Servicing multiple housing units for residents within a single building provides an array of pest control challenges, all of which, we are well-equipped to handle. 

Urban and suburban complexes have unique requirements when it comes to pest control, and we work to satisfy managers and tenants alike to achieve a pest-free environment

Working directly with property managers, we have an excellent reputation for pest control needs that satisfy the complex requirements of homeowner associations. 

We create a custom-designed pest control service for an array of facilities, in all sizes. We can serve developments that are both retail and residential. 

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Don't see your type of property listed here? In addition to what's listed above, we have experience developing pest control programs for a variety of other facilities.

Please contact a Pest Control Specialist for details on other facilities that we service.

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