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50 Years Serving the Greater Bay Area

Firmly rooted in tradition with an eye on the future, California American Exterminator Company celebrates its 50th year in business this month. Find out what over 50 years of experience means for our company.

Founded in 1967, California American Exterminator has grown from a small, regional company to one of the most progressive and committed family-owned pest control organizations in the Greater Bay Area.

This industry is a part of our family. Since day one, California American Exterminator has been family-owned and family-operated. We take pride in our small-business and locally-conscious mindset; the Bay Area is our home and serving it is our passion.

Serving multi-unit and multi-use developments, we have proved our successes time and again. Since our beginnings, California American Exterminator has seized every change and major shift in the pest control industry as an opportunity to evolve, reinvent ourselves, and remain an active and innovative partner for our clients. Our company’s 50 years of growth and experience are testaments to its commitment to service excellence.

Looking ahead, California American Exterminator has implemented our newest form of bed bug treatment, thermal remediation. This effective and economical

form of treatment is just one of the many ways our

company is adapting to our help our customers while staying current with industry updates.

California American Exterminators has been a family-owned and family-operated company since 1967.

Founders, Ray and Sharron Schwertdfeger (back). Current co-owner, vice president, and general operations manager, Tami Stuparich (second from right). 

The Schwertdfeger and Stuparich families are extremely proud of California American Exterminator’s customer-oriented culture and are committed to upholding the company’s strong reputation and high standards for service excellence. We are honored to serve the Bay Area as we continue to grow our business and welcome the opportunity to find new ways to support our customers and grow together in the years ahead.


As our company looks forward to the future, we will continue to provide the highest quality service and commitment to our customers that we have for the past 50 years. “For the past five decades, California American Exterminator has provided exceptional pest control solutions that help our customers meet the needs of an ever-changing market,” said general operations manager, Tami Stuparich, “We are continually expanding our resources, refining our services, implementing the latest technology, and evolving to meet the needs of our customers. Today, we’re well positioned to deliver the service and flexibility required for effective pest control.”

Looking back on the successes of the past 50 years, we look forward to even more milestones. We are looking forward to expanding and continuing to be a leader in the pest control industry while providing the highest quality customer service. Serving the Greater Bay Area since 1967 has been humbling and our company thanks you for your continued support and partnership.

- California American Exterminator


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